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Wireless N GPON HGU with 4-port GbE Switch

GPON Class B+, 4xGbE LAN, 2 FXS ports, WiFi N300, EU+UK STD version
Produktové č.: PMG5317-T20B-EU02V1F

* 95.8 €
s DPH 115.92 € | Bežná cena: 127.51
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Podrobné informácie:
The Zyxel PMG5317-T20B is fully compliant with ITU-T G.984 and wireless IEEE 802.11n environments to provide ultra-high speed fiber access along with four GbE LAN downlink, two VoIP ports, one USB port and 2x2 11n WLAN.


Unlimited possibility with GPON Fiber

Internet evolves rapidly as more and more services and applications keep on their pace of innovation. With continuous growth of smart homes, high-definition TV, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, the need for more transmission speed is growing quickly as well. To meet the bandwidth demand, GPON is an essential technology to help Service Providers satisfying bandwidth demands not only for now, but also for the future. With one-time investment on fiber, Service Providers can deploy an all-IP-based and future-proof network with lower management cost.

Superior coverage with unique wireless circuit design

As more home devices are introduced, wireless LAN is becoming the key for resident connectivity and the major factor for service providers to differentiate their services.

Leveraging the expertise from Zyxel’s professional wireless AP, the PMG5317 Series come with a unique wireless circuit design that helps boosting signal quality while maintaining good receiver sensitivity on the wireless circuit.

It greatly reduces the dead zone in homes and help Service Providers to achieve better customer satisfaction.

Lower OPEX with Zyxel OMCI & APS

The Zyxel PMG 5317-T20B Wireless N GPON HGU with 4-port GbE Switch is equipped with the Zyxel-specific OMCI parameter that works perfectly with Zyxel’s EMS and OLT system. With the E2E-capable parameters, Zyxel provides not only the standard parameters defined by OMCI but also some specific parameters that help service providers to diagnose, operate and manage their fiber networks. Together with the Zyxel E2E EMS & OLT system. Zyxel ONT supports unique auto-provisioning that helps service providers to easily provision the WAN configuration and VoIP configuration without having to send technicians to the field for configuration setups.

Zyxel OPAL firmware realizes the flexibility and faster time to market

By adopting same OPAL firmware trunk applied in Zyxel CPE, the PMG5317-T20B inherits a rich, field-proven feature set such as TR069, VoIP and more. Service providers can now expect the same user experience when they migrate from the original DSL CPE to Fiber devices. Furthermore, the lab qualification time can be greatly reduced by using the same OPAL firmware trunk.

CPE is pivotal for many service providers to provision value-added services while more and more applications are coming to home and business environments. As a flexible, future–proof software platform is needed, OPAL, a modular software architecture and open framework, provides the flexibility for easy feature tailoring to assure all the application requests can be covered.


Technické parametre:

GPON Compliance
  • Comply ITU-T G.984.1/G.984.2/G.984.3/ G.984.4/G.988 GPON standard
  • Comply with class B+ type PMD
  • DS/US speed: 2.488/1.244 Gbps
  • Wavelength: 1490 nm (DS) & 1310 nm (US)
  • Physical distance reach to 20 km
  • DBA
  • Configurable AES DS and FEC DS/US
  • GEM supports Ethernet packet
  • Support up to 8 T-CONs each with priority queues (US)

Ethernet (LAN) Features

  • Full duplex IEEE 802.3x
  • MAC address learning
  • IPv6 address transparent

Networking Features

  • IEEE 802.1D Transparent bridge
  • IPv4 NAT/Routing
  • Static Routing, Dynamic Routing (RIP)
  • IPv6 with IPv6 routing
  • IPv6 DualStack/DS-Lite
  • Port forwarding
  • PPPoE client
  • DHCP client/server
  • DDNS/DNS server/DNS client

VLAN Functional Specifications

  • VLAN IEEE 802.1Q
  • CoS IEEE 802.1p
  • QinQ VLAN


  • 802.1p priority
  • Broadcast storm control


  • Wireless Protected Setup (WPS)
  • WEP data encryption (64/128 bit)
  • WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK (WiFi protected access)
  • Multiple SSID (up to 4)


  • Static Packet Inspection (SPI) firewall
  • MAC/IP/URL addresses filtering


  • Voice functionality:
    • Codec: G.711 a/u, G.722, G.726
    • DTMF tone: detection and generation
  • Phone features:
    • Internal call
    • T.30/T.38/G.711 fax mode call waiting
    • Call forwarding (No condition, busy, no answer)
    • Call transferring (Blind, ConsultOnHold, Attendant)
    • Call hold/call retrieve
    • Three-way conference
    • Second call/adding an outgoing call
    • Switch between 2 active calls


  • OMCI (G.984.4)/TR069
  • Firmware upgrade via FTP/TFTP/HTTP
  • Support Zyxel auto-provisioning


  • File sharing


Príklad zapojenia:
Příklad zapojení PMG5317-T20B
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